20 punten en 6 routes
Guide from dot to dot

This guide consists of a description of 20 different (typographical) dots in the surroundings of Keizersgracht 316 (from Keizersgracht to Berenstraat to Prinsengracht to Runstraat to Keizersgracht).

How is the dot used? Is it used to shorten something, to end the sentence, as part of a letter, or just as decoration? How big is it, from what kind of material is it made, what form does it have exactly, what kind of text surrounds it etc.?

In the back of the guide different possible routes are written down. It is for instance possible to walk from the smallest dot (0,5 mm) to the biggest (15 cm), or from the dot that doesn't have a lot of direct surrounding text to the one that does.