A model

Picture of me and the model.

Experimental Jetset gave us the nice assignment to design a model for a pavilion.

The many definitions of 'pavilion' all show a pavilion is not a real building with a serious function, but more a free thing, something away from or next to society (a pavilion is a temporary building, a building for free-time, or crazy people, or art). This and the fact that I'm not an architect, made me decide to not make a building (not something with walls and a roof), but rather an illusion of a building. I wanted to make something where the flat (or 2-d, my field as a graphic designer) meets the 3-dimensional world.

Inspired by the idea of models in general I based my model on a scale model of a house (the kind available in shops for people that love to play with scalemodeltrains), in many ways an archetypical representation of a house.