An old exercise book revised an rebound

"We shouldn't be distracted by Mickey and Mini-Mouse, but pay attention to the scribbles, small tears and words shining through."

In this publication an old exercise booklet (from when I was around 6) is bound together with A-4's on which I describe and redo parts of the old booklet.

The booklet comes from the period where I just learned to read and write and you can feel it has a magical character: the repition of words, the careful drawing of loose letters, the words in mirror writing, the little scribbles that look like language but are actually meaningless, the drawings that are telling stories etc.

It is as if the character of this naief document in which everything is connected to each other (drawing, letters, language) is something I am still, or again looking for as a graphic designer.

"My name, with a big dot glued to the 'i' and an 'e' that is not in relation to the rest. Around it a kind of cloud."

"Words that are not written, but drawn. The 'o' as a non reachable circle. The one syllable words writing began with. How the words 'roos' (rose) and 'mus' (sparrow) get a strange power by being repeated."

"This figures seem to be holding a book in front of them. Therefore the captions 'bok' 'bok' have to be read as 'boek' (book) 'boek' (book)."